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    Are you expecting a delivery from If you believe you are then please read the following.

    You are currently being scammed in an “Advance fee fraud” scam. is a fake delivery company. Most people reading this will already know that they are involved in a deal that is “to good to be true” or that they “knew it might be a scam but they were not quiet sure”

    • is a scam not a delivery company
    • Any money you have paid will not be returned to you
    • You will not receive any delivery from

    Who created the website

    Scammers have a lot of techniques to steal your money. They will sell or give items online. As they are not living locally to you, they will have to ship the item to you. was created by criminals in order to make you believe that the item is being shipped to you. The scammer will create an account for you so that you can log in with a fake courier tracking number to see the progress of the item being shipped.

    The reality is that there is no shipment. The scammer who created is simply changing the status of a fictional shipment to make you believe you have to pay more and more fees.

    Is legitimate?

    An easy way to see if a company website is genuine is by looking at the WHOIS information. Scam websites do not stay online for long so scammers have to continually create new ones.

    According to Whois, was registered with PDR Ltd. d/b/a on January 11, 2021 which was only 1 months and 0 days ago.. It only has a 1 year registration. This unusually short for a genuine company website but is common for a scam website.

    Scammers often use privacy protection to hide their details but also use false information. The information used to register is:

    The website for is hosted on the following name servers:,

    You can send a Domain Abuse Report to PDR Ltd. d/b/a by clicking the button and completing the form.

    You’ve Been Scammed, Now What

    There is no guarantee that you will recover your losses, but there are a few things you still should do. The more places you report it, the better chance you have to shut down.

    1. Stop sending money to or anyone connected with
    2. Visit the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center and file a report.
    3. Report it to the Better Business Bureau here
    4. Report it to the Federal Trade Commission here
    5. File a complaint with your local police department. Reviews

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